Survey respondents said that some of their biggest barriers to interoperability were vendors, budgets and resources.


With X-Link Medical Software Interfacing, None of These Are Painpoints

X-Link Medical Software Interfacing (MSI) was designed with the physician in mind. We know that you are busy curing ailments and saving lives, and we want to make that job as unencumbered as possible by making X-Link MSI:

  • Vendor neutral - If X-Link developers know where your data is and what it looks like, we can bypass expensive vendor fees which add up quickly!
  • A scaleable solution - X-Link can adapt to any sized practice. From one provider, to 100, X-Link MSI can grow with you.
  • Affordable - Aside from saving you a boatload on vendor fees, X-Link MSI on ins own is the most affordable, off-the-shelf interface on the market.

Help your organization meet patient care delivery, clinical and health outcome, and business operation goals. Discover the technologies and strategies that will help you optimize efficiency, effectiveness and patient outcomes in both the fee-for-service and value-based worlds.

X-Link can be customized to your unique workflow and data needs!

  • X-Link can interface any two healthcare systems
  • X-Link developers can develop affordable custom interfaces
  • We can also enhance existing interfaces per your request

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